Damn Karma and All Its Relentlessness

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For weeks now I’ve been screaming at the TV, bellowing desperately at Top Chef contestant Melissa to–for the love of sweet Jesus–puleeeease do something about her wretched hair.

My God, Paige could cut better bangs blindfolded with a Swiss Army knife.

I mean, doesn’t that show have any stylists who have a heart? And wouldn’t you think that that woman has a friend or relative–just one–who’d mercifully perform a hair intervention on her? And then there’s the Goddess/Hostess Padma. Can’t she help a sister out? Just someone, anyone please do something about those lifeless, scraggly, dishwater blonde, cut from ear-to-ear like Moe from The Three Stooges bangs.

If not, eventually I’m going to dislocate my vocal chords yelling at the TV. Or worse, wake the children.

Speaking of the offspring, shameful as it is to admit, we’ve been taking Kate to our exorbitant yet fabulous hair salon in SF. Jeneil, the owner/stylist, is an old friend of Mark’s and cuts his meterosexy hair. And after years of my allegience to a reliable-cheap-yet-glamorless salon, she now also does mine. Jeneil and Kate totally dig each other. (Reason #1 why Kate’ll run off and get sleeve tattoos the first chance she gets.) So Mark and I are blasting our way through the kids’ college funds on our own tresses, but for now Kate’s haircuts there are free.

The problem is, as much as it makes me sound all bridge-and-tunnel, it’s a hassle getting the girl to the city for her haircuts. Especially since the kiddie salon that the fancy Oakland set (bet you didn’t know there was such a thing) brings their shorties to is just two blocks from our house.

So, reluctantly, we tried it.

Our first trip there, despite my feeling overwrought with cheating-on-Jeneil guilt, the Rasta owner gave Kate a decent cut. And she flipped over the free balloon and cheap Made in China toy she picked out of their treasure chest. Oh, and did I mention there are TVs at every station to lull the wee ones into not-savagely-thrashing submission? Kate would sell her sister to watch an episode of Sesame Street, so watching TV during a haircut is bliss to her. Sheer bliss.

I know it’s clear where this is going.

Yesterday at the kiddle salon, the Rasta steps aside and some chick asks Kate to hop in the chair. I was about to protest but within seconds Kate was in a deep unshakeable TV trance. And I figured, how bad can a haircut be?

Well, yes. Payback for all the crap I’ve ever hurled at Melissa with the Short Bus Bangs. Kate is now her wee sorry-headed doppelganger.

At least she doesn’t also have Melissa’s fierce black eyebrows.


2 Comments on “Damn Karma and All Its Relentlessness”

  1. 1 john said at 7:38 am on January 24th, 2009:

    Jim and I had no idea who Melissa even was, though we watch most episodes at least twice.
    Clicking on the link, we recognized her as the one that got kicked off with Hawaiian. That was the depth of impression she left on us.
    Bad hair? Funny, but Paige will bounce back. Will you?

  2. 2 Mary said at 7:47 pm on January 28th, 2009:

    HA! I have also been shaking my head in disbelief over those bangs AND the relentless tanning the woman from Jersey is doing.

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