It’s much worse than I thought…

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Just back from Safeway, where as I was unloading Kate from the car I looked down to see that I was wearing my slippers. Not, thank God, the huge hot pink ones that have big flamingo heads on them that Mark’s cousin gave me. They were something more demure and black… Sad thing is I just thought, “Ah fuck it,” and continued on my way.

This is the kind of thing that gets your husband sending a hidden video of you into some mommy make-over show.

Speaking of which, my sister Judy called the other night all hopped up. She keeps a 24/7 vigil of the HGTV network. She’d just seen my friends Dawn and Josh on some “your-dream-kitchen” type show. We Tivoed it when it re-ran. V. funny seeing your friends become part of the reality TV epidemic. (And yes, their kitchen is quite dreamy.)

Kate-o Kaylan just arose from her nap and is babbling to herself. We’re awaiting the arrival of long-lost friend Rhya Fisher, who is doing a CA tour, on vacation from Cambridge. I’m not being coy–she is not at Harvard and I’m just calling it Cambridge, MA. Actually, I have no idea when she is doing now. She may well be there. When last Rhya and I saw each other, she was exploring career options as diverse as personal chef, cross-country ski instructor, and pursuing an MBA. She’s one of those annoying people with a Midas touch for whatever she pursures. But she’s so damn sweet and lovely, you can’t hate her no matter how much you want to.

I’m sure after seeing me, she’ll drop it all to explore the wonders of housewifery.

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