Kate is 7 Months Old

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Today Kate turns 7 months old. I never thought I’d be one of those parents who tells their child’s age in weeks (when they’re 7 years old…), or who thinks for a few seconds when asked their child’s age then says, “He’ll be 11 months on next Tuesday–no, no–next Wednesday!” I mean, can’t they round up and say he’s almost a year? Are they really fearful that we care that our understanding of their child’s age might be a day off?

Ah, how foolish I was! Just this weekend someone asked me how old la bella Kate is and I proudly proclaimed, “She be 7 months on Monday!” I’m sure she was thinking, “Oh, I have to remember to schedule my next teeth cleaning.”

At any rate, this weekend when Mark was showering and I was trying pitifully to entertain Kate while getting dressed myself, I took a stab at teaching her to say, “Hi Dad.” I figured this would be faily easy since DaDa is one of her favorite words. Sure enough by the time Mark walked into the room she was saying Hi Da! My God, have I become an incredibly boring person? Yes, this was exciting to us. I guess that is why it takes 2 people to make a baby. You have someone else to gush with over things that anyone else would not give a rat’s ass about. Except maybe another parent.

Speaking of our little linguist, I should get dressed and ready to take on the day while she is napping.

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