Consuming Kate

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The other day Mark got out of the shower and walked into our room to catch me saying to Kate, “I could just fry that cheek up in butter and eat it up!” Instead of grabbing the baby and running off to call Child Protective Services, Mark said, “What is that? Sometimes I want to eat her too!”

I guess our crazy baby love sometimes just can’t be contained by mere hugs and kisses (and believe me, we blast her with them regularly). I wouldn’t be surprised if other parents would also confess to wanting to eat their babies–you know, taking a bite out of one of those fat-rolly thighs, or nibbling off a sweet little toe or two. Mark and I tell Kate how much we love her ad naseum, but we also need to chomp on her fingertips, and squeeze our faces under her ears to nibble on that really soft neck skin. And when she laughs in response to it all, it just makes us want more.

I’m like an addict. Whitney Houston, I feel your pain.

I’m not sure which animals eat there young, but I know I’ve seen some Mutual of Omaha special or other about it. It seems like something some birds maybe do, but I was an English major, so please don’t take my word on it. At any rate, since giving birth to Kate I can empathize with those poor animals. I wonder if for them it starts innocently enough with a couple bird parents hanging out in their nest and marveling at how damn cute their bird baby is…

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One Comment on “Consuming Kate”

  1. 1 Heather said at 9:02 pm on May 29th, 2006:

    I am exactly the same way but Alec is not (interested in eating our baby). Go figure.

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