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Tomorrow Kate and I will break in her new big-girl car seat on our first ever mother-daughter road trip. No, we will not be wearing matching goggle sunglasses and chiffon scarves. Though she would look pretty darn cute in such. Then again, I think she looks cute smeared head to toe in sweet potato.

Our friends Megan, Jason, and wee Ella are moving back to the Bay Area after a 3-year(?) sojourn in San Diego where they experienced good weather, new friends, and real estate dreams-come-true. Alas, the SD job market isn’t what Jason hoped/wanted/liked–combined with other factors, including all their SF friends incessent whining for their return since they left. At long last, we won. Hooray!

Unfortunately the transition back here is a mite more complex. They have 2 more sentient beings on their hands than they did when they left–the aforementioned wee Ella, a sweet blondie about 18 months old who can sign like the dickens. And an equally adorable pup named Katie who knows commands in Spanish (something Megan and Jason found out days after bringing their “trained” dog home from the pound).

Tangent: Kate is clearly destined to be surrounded by dogs with names like hers. Perhaps we should have just thrown in the towel and named her Scout?

Further complications include renting out their house, moving in with Meg’s parents while Jason interviews, and the sordid fact that Megan recently broke her leg. Her thigh bone. Ouch! In one of those not at all sporty maneuvers which included stepping off a curb.

Even with her mother’s help, caring for a toddler while dependent on a wheelchair/walker/crutches has got to be tough. So Kate and I are pinning on our Florence Nightengale nurse caps and heading south to help out. Even if it’s just by having some good clean fun by calling out “Katie!” and watching the baby and the dog turn around.

Megan’s folks live in Nipomo, near Pismo Beach. It’s down south along Scenic Highway 101, and apparently takes about 4 hours to get to. So a warning to those who live along 101: Shutter your windows and turn up your stereos. We’re comin’ through and I’ll be singing a constant stream of loud senseless kiddie songs.

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