Smarty Pants

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This baby is getting so smart. She’s learning things daily! I mean, I guess that is what they are supposed to do, but it’s pretty surprising to watch anyway.

So far she’s gotten down all the U.S. Presidents and is working on memorizing the Vice Presidents. Next we’re on to the Periodic Table abbreviations. Well, not really. But she does say bye-bye and wave, and claps her hands, and gives these little tongue-smacking clucks that we think are kisses. And she knows when I’m trying to feed her green beans and there’s a can of those little puff cereal thingies sitting on the table to clamp her mouth down and point to the puffs.

What other mundane thing does she do that I can boast about? Oh, when you take the tray off her high chair she starts grabbing at the strap buckle since she knows that comes off next. And when you unbuckle her carseat she holds her arms up to get picked up. And once I think I asked her to hand me something and she kinda did.

I just want to remember some day when she is doing advanced calculus homework that I can’t help her with, that there was a time when these little things she was learning were big accomplishments.

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