Up on the Roof

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Apparently in lieu of leaving the house with my slippers on–a behavior I have somehow, blessedly, managed to curb–I have now begun driving with my possessions rolling around on the roof of the car. It’s happened about three times now, and each time I’m made aware of it by a loud noise that causes both Kate in her carseat and me to look up at the ceiling of the car with “what the hell is that?’ expressions on our faces.

Due in some part to luck and in another part to there being a large sporty-person equipment carrying device (Mark’s) screwed onto the top of the car, I have not yet lost anything. I just pull over and easily retrieve the forgotten toy, sippy cup, bottle of water, what have you.

I swear the next time it happens Kate is just going to roll her eyes and say, “Ma, you did it again.”

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One Comment on “Up on the Roof”

  1. 1 Megan said at 1:09 pm on July 30th, 2006:

    In the spirit of motherhood – I have to confess that I have driven off with things on top of my roof – unfortunately our roof racks cannot withstand speeds of 70 mph. I’ve lost a few things. And to top it all off – the creme de la creme, if you will, I ran over my stroller last week. My beautiful, expensive, much loved stroller. Put it on the ground while I got Ella into the car, then stood there trying to remember what it was I thought I was forgetting – shrugged my shoulders and got myself into the car – backed up and suddenly it came to me – I forgot to put my stroller in the car and now it is squished. I re-attached a wheel that had fallen off and as of yet, have not looked to see the rest of the damage. I just can’t. Wow, that was cathartic. Maybe today will be the day.

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