She Bows Down Before Me

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Some of the changes in Kate are fairly subtle, but since we’re constantly inspecting her every move with a fervor and fascination that’ll likely dissipate with any of her future siblings, we’re able to pick up on even the slightest development.

Just last week if you handed her a teddy bear she’d just try to gnaw its ear off. But in the past few days she’s developed some kind of nurture reflex. So, if you hold the big frog puppet (which actually scares Mark since it’s so realistic looking) in front of her, she’ll watch you make it dance around for a little while, then eventually she’ll lunge for it and give it a hug. It’s so damn cute Mark had her doing it about a dozen times on Sunday. And the cool thing is, she keeps doing it! I love a baby that does tricks when she’s supposed to.

So a not so subtle development is that she’s crawling now. (Relief! She’s normal!) Well, in all honesty, she sometimes crawls like a normal baby, and sometimes drags one leg straight out to her side as if it’s a wooden appendage that’s just coming along for the ride.

This morning as I was drying my hair she was playing with some toys on the bathroom floor. All of a sudden I felt her lunge at my feet. She’d crawled up to me to have at my big pink flamingo slippers. I stepped back a few feet and she zoomed back in, pouncing down on them for another hug.

Good stuff, that.

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