The Sweet Taste of Success

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Today there was much rejoicing throughout the land, or at least throughout our kitchen. Just when I was envisioning what effect the fact that she only ate Cheerios would have on Kate’s social life at college, Miss Thing gobbled up every last morsel of food that I put in front of her at dinner.

The Menu:
Tofu Squares Marinated in Soy and Garlic
Scrambled Organic Egg Yolk
Fresh-Cut Pineapple
Spinach and Potato baby food (1 jar)

Note: No Cheerios were required to whet her appetite, stop her from crying, or ensure that she at least consumed some foodstuff prior to going to bed.

I’m not sure what I did differently, but I can assure you I’ll be wearing this brown shirt and khaki shorts and positioning her highchair in the exact same longitude and latitude for future meals.

What was so amazing was Kate just chugged it all down totally casually. Every once and I while I’d look over and try to stifle wild screams of delight, and excited arm flailing and heel-clicking. My self-control was impressive. She ate on, undeterred. It was mysterious and beautiful.

At the end of the meal she looked up at me with a calm and reasonable expression. I’d call it a look of satisfaction. No tears. No hysteria. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she dabbed at the corners of her mouth with a linen napkin, folded it and set it down, while proclaiming the meal, “Simply delightful. Just lovely.”

Tomorrow night, as a special treat, I’ll be draping a tablecloth over her highchair tray and setting a rosebud in a vase on top of it. Nothing’s too good for my little eater.

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