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Boy am I grumpy! A kind of “Don’t talk to me, Mark, I need to go into the other room and scowl” kinda grumpy.

My frustration with the nanny has re-emerged from where I’d swept it under the carpet of my consciousness. This time it may be too big to sweep back under there again.

Today I was in the car heading home at 5PM. Well, it was actually 4:57. And I get a call from Shelly saying did I remember that today was a 5:00 day, not a 6:00 day.

And no. I’d forgotten. Got Wednesday and Thursday confused.

So I’m in the wrong, but come ON. It’s the way she talks to me:

Her: [in a stern and pissy voice] This is not good, Kristen. I am going to miss another appointment.

Me: [getting up my gumption to not be intimidated] Another one? Did you miss one before because of me?

Her: [evading my question] I have to leave at 5:00.

Me: I’m sorry. I messed up. But let me call the neighbor to see if you can drop Kate off there so you can go.

Her: No, it’s already too late.

Me: [thinking "too late" doesn't fly when it's not even 5:00 yet] No it’s not. Let me call her.

Her: [sighing with annoyance because she would clearly rather lord this over me than let me attempt to fix the situation] Okay.

I reach Jennifer, a nice human (hooray!), who says it’s no problem and Kate can come by I call Shelly back to tell her and she says, “Okay. Leaving now. Bye.” And hangs up. Soooo pleasant.

When I call Mark to rant, he comments that it’s only 5:03. Yes, this entire interaction took place before 5:03 when she was set to work until. Mark made the wise comment that she really shouldn’t be planning her post-work activities with such maniacal precision that one minute of lateness will set her schedule off kilter.

And all this when it’s not like she arrives in the morning with Swiss-clock timing. A handful of times she’s arrive 5-10 minutes late, and of course neither Mark nor I have mentioned it to her. And of course, she never mentioned it either.

God this pisses me off.

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