Crazy Boozy Mama

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Tonight when we came home from Mark’s company Christmas party I did something I never do. Mark was driving the nanny home, who had worked a Herculean workday, and I decided to boozily tip-toe into Kate’s room to admire her sleeping cuteness.

This is something friends of ours do without fearfulness of waking their wee ones. Mark and I have tended to not want to do anything to possibly jeopardize the nice sleep-sleep, so have not made this part of our repertoire.

Anyway, tonight I barreled in there to take an innocent peak, and, of course, totally woke her up. (See? This is just why we don’t do this!) And the cutest/saddest/funniest thing is that she rolled over, and I was just expecting her to settle back in—thinking this is one of the sweet things parents who look in on their sleeping babies witness—but instead she flutters her eyes open and looks up and me and says as though she’s been up for hours, “Hi.”

Which of course I internalize to, “Hi, boozy Mom. You are waking me up for no reason and I will now have to work through how screwed up this is over the course of years with an expensive and potentially inept therapist.”

The second she woke up I felt like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment. ‘”Don’t mind me! Just your obsessed-with-love-for-you boozy imbalanced mother here!”

Well, maybe sometimes you need to do something reckless like that just because you are filled with love. And sure, a little bit of bourbon too.

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