The Rain Cometh, But Will It Goeth Too?

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My God, I’ve got mushrooms growing on my mushrooms. It’s only been raining for less than a week, but you’d think I’d moved to Seattle. Somehow rainy season with a toddler is a whole new ball of wax.

Pre-Kate, Mark and I would loll around reading or watching movies. Or even–gasp!–going out to matinees. But since we are blessed with our little blonde peanut relaxing during her waking hours just ain’t an option. And vegging out in front of the tube with her is something I can’t even tolerate the thought of.

So there’s lots of cabin fever indoor play, along with some dripping wet jaunts to the grocery store or out to lunch just so we can see some people other than ourselves.

Mercifully there was a break in it all this morning and we were able to go and worship at the farmers’ market. Nothing like a Blue Bottle latte, a hand-out of free pumpkin bread and your pick of local organic matter to set one straight on a Sunday morning.

Later today we’ll venture to SF to see Dad one last time before he leaves Ellen’s for a Palm Dessert visit with Judy. He spent three nights with us in Oaktown, in which time we had some nice meals in, had some nice meals out, and spent lots of time marveling at Kate’s beauty, vocabulary, and charm.

And once she’d be asleep for the night, Dad would say, “I’m telling you guys she is something! What a communicator! And she is just beautiful–just beautiful!” And Mark and I would agree in a kind of tell-me-somethin’-I-don’t-know kinda way, but still love more than anything to hear it all coming from someone else’s mouth.

So after he leaves tomorrow morning, another session of the Mutual Adoration for Kate Society will come to a close. And Mark and I will need to continue to convene privately until another grandparent crosses our paths.

Meantime, I’m going to go online and look into some vacation options while Little Miss naps. The plan is to be somewhere fabulous when I greet my next decade of life. Somewhere where it will hopefully not be raining.

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