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February has been Come Visit the McCluskys Month. Perhaps it wasn’t printed on your wall calendar, but it was on many other peoples’ and they made good. Which is a good thing mind you! We love seeing all the family and friends who we never see anywhere near enough of because either we decided to live out here, or they decided to stay back there. I’m not sure who is to blame, but the outcome is far-awayedness and not-see-each-other-alotedness.

But now everyone is gone and our subterranean guestroom, which is in our low-ceilinged unheated basement, is left empty for the time being. My brother-in-law John is probably in some cranial contusion unit of a hospital by now for the number of times he wacked his noggin on the beams down thar. Ah well, at least we had him sign the legal disclaimer when he arrived.

Anyway, Mark and Kate and I are now working our way back into whatever routines we used to have when it was just us. Well, Mark and I are. Instead of just being a nice mundane lass for us, I went into her room this morning to get Kate and she was lying in a small puddle of barf. Poor girl even had a corn kernel stuck to her forehead. And she’s just lying there all sweet and mellow and freshly awoken, having soaked in the stuff for God knows how long. It was sad, but the corn thing was also kinda funny, and I had to take her to the bathroom where Mark was showering to show it to him.

So I clean her and it all up and open the windows and spray some hippie non-toxic odor eater around and then after all that notice it’s still not smelling quite right. Then I see the previously undiscovered pile of puke that’s on the wall and the floor at the head of her crib. D’oh! At least the poor gal managed to aim most of it away from her sleeping quarters.

Too bad she didn’t wail or cry or do anything to indicate to Mark and I that she was doing something other than sleeping peacefully. Alas, she and the room are now fully scrubbed and back in order, and she seems to be perfectly fine.

So now we can get back to our mundane routines. Ahhhh.

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