Our Baby, Our Bull Dog

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It’s not something I brag about openly, but there is a certain sense of pride I have about my teeth. They’re not all that dazzling, but they are pretty damn straight, and I never had braces.

It’s something that never really phased me, until those who had gone through the apparent social and physical trauma that is braces have responded with all manner of hoopla when they have found this out about me.

So it’s particularly concerning to me that just the other day I realized that Kate seems to have an underbite. I’m still holding out hope that every time I ask to see her teeth she is just jutting her jaw out, but I’m fearful that’s not the case. And maybe if she does have a bull dog’s bite it’s nothing to worry about since these are just baby teeth.

At any rate, it’s clearly Mark’s genes at work. Ah well. He can start saving for the orthadontist.

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