Hello Society, I’m Back

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Today I have returned to the working world. I’m, as they say, a contributing member of society again. Unless of course you consider lolling around on the couch with one eye closed while a nanny tended to my child “contributing.”

It was actually fine. There is a reason that I decided to work there which I was reminded of today. Being away for so long–7 weeks–made the best thing about the place–a pervasive niceness and friendliness–fade a bit.

Kate and I were happy to see each other at the end of the day though. She is getting more adorable and delightful by the minute, so being away from her rots.

Speaking of which, yes, her leg is in fact broken again. They mumbled something to Mark about maybe not having kept the first cast on for long enough. Greeeeeaat! The color of her new cast? Neon green!

The damn thing comes off on August 13th and we’ll hopefully not be in the “what color cast to get next” quandary for quite some time (if ever).

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