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In what must count as a small miracle, we were offered a space for Kate in what seems to be a great preschool. This presented itself when I called them to get on their waiting list for next September, and meekly asked if by any chance they might have any openings in January. After the woman suppressed pitying laughter, she took my name down in the event that “a family moves–which does happen sometimes.”

Then a couple weeks later she leaves me a message that a space has opened up.

Did I mention it’s also just a 3.5 minute drive from our house? Though, who’s counting.

We’ve worked out a deal with the nanny so she’s not docked for the hours Kate’s at school, and until I’m on maternity leave she’ll pick Kate up. A deal our hard-driving dealmaker of a nanny actually went for!

All this certainly adds up to such a great bestowal of luck and karma, that Mark and I really shouldn’t be allowed to ask for birthday or Christmas presents for at least a year or so.

The hope is that going off to school a couple mornings a week will be a good thing for Kate when the new baby comes. She’ll be able to roll with some kids her own age and not be trapped in the house in the middle of rainy season with a bleary-eyed mother and squalling new sibling. Plus, having only one wee one to mind will make it easier for me to do glamorous things like shop for groceries and take weekly showers.

Kate always has a lot to talk about, but the impending adventures in preschool provide lots of fresh new fodder.

Tonight as she ate dinner, we delved into the virtues of preschool.

Me: “This week we are going to visit the preschool.”

Kate: “Mama come?”

Me: “Yes, Kate and Mama will go and see the preschool.”

Kate: “Preschool have little swings?”

Me: “I know there is a playground, but I don’t remember if there are swings.”

Kate: “Preschool have sand?”

Me: “Yes, there is a sandbox, and a garden, and lots of toys.”

Kate: “Oh.”

Me: “And there are lots of boys and girls for you to be friends with. And Owen will be there. He goes to the same preschool.”

Kate: [face lights up and she tries to stand up while strapped into her booster seat] “I HUG BOYS!”

Me: “You want to hug boys at preschool?”

Kate: “YES! Hug boys! HUG BOYS!”

And later…

Me: “There are also chickens at the preschool, and they are going to get a bunny rabbit.”

Kate: “Bunny rabbit? Bunny rabbit DANCE! Dance, dance, dance!”

This discussion clearly illuminates some of the educational objectives Kate is setting for herself in anticipation of her foray into academia. We’re so proud of her.

I just hope for their sakes those bunny rabbits know how to cut a rug. As for the boys, they’re on their own.

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