Conversations with Kate

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Kate: “Where we going, Mama?”

Me: “To the grocery store.”

Kate: “No grocery store!”

Me: “No grocery store? Why?”

Kate: “Comic book store! We go comic book store!”

Me: “Ah, I see your father has been influencing you.”

Kate: “No grocery store, Mama! Bike shop! Bike shop!”

* * *

Me: “I love you, Kate. Do you love me?”

Kate: “Yes Mama.”

Me: “Do you know what love is, Kate?”

Kate: “Yes.”

Me: “What is love?”

Kate: “Uhhh… Dada!”

* * *

Kate: “Where are you Mama?” [A new perpetual question, often asked when I'm standing right next to her. This time we were walking down the sidewalk.]

Me: “I’m in the sink. Where are you, Kate?”

Kate: “The laundry basket.”

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