Kate Takes a Stand

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Okay, so I know that kids are getting cell phones these days at an age when I was still enthralled by Sesame Street. The timeline for when girls first wear make-up, have their maiden make-out session and even get their period seems to have moved up. But I never dreamed Our Kate would be representative of this modern day turbo-maturing process–or at least that we’d see any signs of it at this point in her life.

But today, walking to the parking lot after a lovely outdoor lunch at Picante, our favorite Mexican restaurant, Kate turned to Mark and proclaimed, “I not eating meat any more, Dada.”

Oh great. Here we go with the “no food with faces” attitude and her turning up her nose when Mark tosses a steak on the grill. Next thing you know she’ll be papering her room with Greenpeace posters and starting a compost worm farm in the backyard.

I mean, in my day one didn’t going through the swearing off of meat products until college. These days I’ve heard about teenagers deciding to go vegetarian. But at age two? I know Kate is advanced and all, but sheesh!

Well it’s what we get for living so close to Berkeley, I guess.

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