9 Days Late Now

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Perhaps this baby will never come out? Or I will give birth to a teenager years from now?

The best way I can describe how I feel is that it’s like when you get really hungry, but can’t get something to eat. You get hungrier and hungrier and you’re totally focused on food, then eventually you get over it and you’re not even hungry any more.

I went from being so anxious about the pain of labor that I had no desire to start the process, to the point of wanting to do it just to get it over with. And in that brief period I was trying to get myself pretty pumped up about it. But now my I-am-woman-hear-me-birth motivation has been depleted by the endless waiting. I feel oddly unconvinced that I’ll be having a baby soon, even though everyone’s been great about assuring me that I will.

What’s a gal to do? Well, considering that at this juncture my pre-labor manicure and pedicure is looking quite shabby, I’m going to the nail salon while Kate’s at school.

Maybe the baby doesn’t want to emerge to this horrible shade of pink I somehow settled on for my toenails last? At least he/she has good taste. His/her lateness is pushing the boundaries of fashionableness though.


3 Comments on “9 Days Late Now”

  1. 1 pamela raitt said at 10:54 am on January 28th, 2008:

    Ah yes…I was nine days late…..I did those lovely “stress tests” (plenty of fluid, yippee) and also got those horrifying “your one week old baby” emails, too…hell I even PASSED MY MUCUS PLUG which was so gross that I felt the only justification for it must be imminent labor, and yet three more days went by.I’ve got nothing except “I remember” and “good times” and this too shall pass….

  2. 2 Julie Polito said at 11:14 am on January 28th, 2008:

    Sound like it’s time for a little Tasty Curry…

    I was 3cm dilated, my cervix was 100 percent effaced, and Tea wasn’t coming out. It was like holding a bowling ball on a paper towel. We went there and I was in labor before we paid the check. We thought about renaming Tea “Tikka Masala Polito”

    9th and Irving. Maybe it’ll work, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out.

  3. 3 Jill Davidson said at 2:43 pm on January 28th, 2008:

    you’re pretty close to giving up all hope entirely, which is what I did as I was going into labor with Leo. lose your cool, and eat some pumpkin ravioli, and get ready to say hi to that baby

    here’s how it worked:

    Two weeks after the expected due date, I was supposed to be induced in whatever fashion they induce us already c-sectioned ladies. That day came, we called UCSF to present ourselves for induction, and were informed that they were full up with the good kids, i.e. actually laboring women having actual babies, and the likes of me was instructed to cool her heels and check in after 5pm. Fuckers! So we tried, went out for lunch at (here comes the magic food recommendation) Cafe Della Stelle in Hayes Valley, had the (are you taking notes?) pumpkin ravoli with sage-butter sauce, tried to stay cool and collected, increasingly failed as the day went on, plus started to feel anxious and jittery and the constant false labor backache would not go away and I just felt like hell which I attributed to my lack of faith that this baby would ever come out. We called UCSF at the appointed hour and they still said no dice, full house, go away. And I cried. About an hour later, Kevin said, this is stupid, we are just showing up there, and we did, and they did their monitoring thing and miracle of miracles! I was actually in genuine labor.

    Try it! Remember, ravioli first and then bottomless pit of despair.



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