Adding Insult to Injury

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I just got an email from entitled “Your One Week Old.” Yeah, not so much.

Still pregnant here…

I went for “antenatal tests” today that showed that the baby is moving around well and isn’t all cramped up in there (despite how things might feel from my perspective).

Last night I was actually starting to get the impression that this baby was mistaking itself for a bird. The way it was stretching and pushing at every possible angle of my uterus was like a bird tapping away from inside a shell looking for a weak spot to crack its way free. It made me daydream a bit about how much easier birds have it–just sitting on an egg for a while to keep it nice and toasty, then letting the kid do all the work when it’s time for it to emerge.

Anyway, another test today showed that he/she also has plenty of amniotic fluid. I guess that’s what helps keeps babies nice and fresh.

So the outcome of our visit to the hospital was a pat on the back and a directive to go home for more waiting. Of course it’s always best when medical tests reveal that you’re doing well. The Achiever part of me always wants to excel, even when it comes to an ulstrasound. But at this rate I’m fearful that I’ll be giving birth to a one-month old.

I just hope BabyCenter has an email newsletter called “Your Newborn One-Month Old.”

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