Wildlife in Our Bathroom

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Just when it seemed like Kate’s alligator had evacuated our pink bathroom, it appears a new resident has moved in.

Yesterday when Kate was on her potty and me on mine (yes, the tandem tinkle), she said, “There a blue baby elephant in here, Mama. He scared of you.” So she stood up, toddled over toward me with her pants around her ankles, picked him up and brought him back with her to her potty, arranging him comfortably on her lap–safely away from me. Then she claimed, “He tinkle too.”

What I want to know is, why was he scared of me? I’m nice, right? I mean, how scary can an exhausted 9-month prego with unwashed hair who’s peeing look?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Anyway, I’m started to think Kate’s sixth sense is seeing dead animals. And for some reason, they’re flocking to our bathroom.

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