Baby Paige is Two Months Old

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Easy babies breed guilt. Miss Paige is just such a sweetie–so docile and obliging (at least thus far!) that when I do bestow attention upon her it’s a deep genuine adoration. But it’s quick.

The problem is, with a two-and-a-half year old running around the house and making valiant efforts to rule the McClusky roost, I feel sad that there aren’t enough opportunities to gaze adoringly at Miss Paige.

When Kate was two months old, staring at her–even while she slept–was a sport that could easily consume hours of Mark and my time at a stretch. These days with double duty diaper changing, feeding one kid balanced meals and another Mama’s milk, while compulsively tidying the house, visiting an endless slew of friends and keeping up my hardcore Target habit–there just ain’t the time for baby gazing.

So, like some  do-’em-at-your-desk exercises, I try to sneak in head caresses, neck nuzzles and impromptu smiles–or possibly gaseous releases. It’s not the all-out love fest that I wish it could be, but Paige and I are happy with what time we’ve got together. It’s like I’m having an affair with my baby.

So then, what happens when you have three kids? Four? Or like my brother-in-law’s staggering family–15 children? I mean, when you get to the double digits do you ever have a chance to high-five each of the kids every day? “Dear Diary: Today Mom not only said good morning to me, but also asked how I was!”

Well Miss Paigey Waigey, today you are two months old and I want to send you a huge special love note right straight on through the Internets. I’m sorry if you aren’t getting as many raspberries on your belly during diaper changes as your sister once did, and if we’ve already fallen down on photographically documenting your every expression and outfit, along with the ‘Paige’s Second Thursday Ever!’ type pics. Maybe the time we make up for this is in the couple years that Kate moves our of the house for college or something. You get the special 2.5 years of undivided attention on the back-end of your youth.

Suffice it to say that even though it may seem to you (or maybe me?) that Kate is usurping some of your Mom time, I assure you she feels the same way about you. Funny how that is, hey? At any rate, be assured that when I’m dealing with a tantrum Kate is having because she doesn’t want to get dressed–and you are lying patiently in your crib looking at your mobile–I’d really rather be lying there with you gazing up at those black and white pictures of smiling faces and geometric shapes. (Okay, either doing that, or taking that chance to pee.)

Okay, your Dad is making you smile a bunch right now, so enough of this blog. Here I come to love you up.

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