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Yesterday Kate was watching Mark get ready for work and become enthralled with his hair product. I think part of the attraction was that when she asked Mark what it was, he said mousse. As it turns out, one of Kate’s favorite songs is about a moose. I can only imagine how her toddler brain parsed the concept that one word can mean a large horned beast, and a foamy hair product.

Imagine all those poor kids whose fathers aren’t metrosexuals who don’t have these experiences!

At any rate, on our walk yesterday there was much talk and questioning about mousse. “Can I use some?” Do you use it Mama?” “I like mousse!”

Of course, I made up some hooey about mousse only being from grown-ups. Though I guess, with the exception of kids like Jon Benet Ramsey, it really is.

This morning when Mark was again getting ready for work and Kate looked on in the bathroom, her fascination reached a frenzied peak and Mark relented to put some in her hair. (It’s acts like this that will no doubt lead to our financial ruin.)

Kate’s delight in having mousse (or was she thinking if it as moose?) in her hair led to her skipping around the house shouting, “I want Thomas [the Tank Engine] mousse!! I want Thomas mousse!!”

We may just have stumbled onto a brilliant get rich quick scheme. And the best thing is, Kate didn’t even have us sign an NDA.

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