Summer Has Arriven

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Just when I consider cheating on the Bay Area with another city, it busts out a weekend like the one we just had. Glorious blue skies and temps in the 80s. It even stayed warm late into the evening on Saturday.

And on top of an exceedingly pleasant picnic at Lake Temescal, a fun and productive foray into front porch sprucing, and some classic neighborhood moments–including a swarm of kids sitting on my porch eating strawberries and watermelon and jumping off the wall into my friend Jennifer’s arms–on top of all that the fabulous weather afforded me an opportunity to bust out my Longs sun hat. Kate, in turn, got a chance to wear a swim diaper. As such, we were both decked out in some of our favorite attire. We were happy as clams, us two.

It seemed that, in mid-April, Summer decided to stop in early for a spell.

For all I know they’re having a fresh snowstorm in Minnesota right now, and Chicagoans are still pulling the hoods of their down parkas up around their faces when they venture outdoors. And God knows it’s pissing rain in PAWT-lend.

All I can say is, “Bay Area, I’m sorry!”

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