Turns out, we have a baby

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It was bound to happen. Four months into her existence with us, it finally feels like we have a baby. Which is to say, we’re incredibly sleep deprived.

Today I took off Paige’s socks and put them in the diaper pail. (God knows where the dirty diaper will turn up.) And in the car this morning I had to do a panicked check to make sure both girls were there and strapped in, not forgotten on the sidewalk. I’m not sure, but I think I brushed my teeth.

This afternoon when Kate cruelly refused to nap, I had her play the “Mama is your baby who you have to put to sleep in your bed” game. Hey, it wasn’t what I’d call a legitimate nap, but it did afford me a few horizontal minutes, even if the blankets were wrenched off repeatedly to rearrange the teddy bear that Mama-Kate wedged under my arm.

I’m amazed that Mark is functioning intelligently at his office. I can only hope that he’s locked himself in a bathroom stall to catch a few Zs.

Speaking of which, I hereby award the Co-Parenting Merit Badge to my charming and sleepy husband. In some dumb show we were watching last night a woman said. “Marry someone who loves you a little more than you love them.” Poppycock. Marry someone who is willing to do his share of middle-of-the-night baby soothing when he could be tucked in complaining that he needs his sleep for work, and pointing out that he’s not lactating anyway. (Don’t get any big ideas, sweetheart.)

Of course, I brought this all upon myself when I was in the midst of one of my Hallmark Moments of Parental Gratitude yesterday. Something or other made me express to Mark how thankful I am that the girls are happy and healthy. And I think I might have foolishly tacked onto that something about “I’ll take all the sleep deprivation in the world as long as yadda yadda yadda…” I don’t even want to type the sentiment for fear it will reinforce it.

Who knew I could be so powerful that by mere mention I could bring something on?

I intend to spend the remainer of the day–assuming I’m coherent enough to do so–chanting incantations that pair “healthy happy children” with “good sleepers.”

Wish me luck. Or at least a good long stretch of sleep tonight.

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