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Everyone whose ever cooked has a good failed meal story, right?

For my 94-year-old Godmother, Mimi–an amazing Italian cook who in her prime thought nothing of devoting days to preparing mouth-watering multi-course meals–it was the Thanksgiving turkey that never cooked. I think it happened back in the Seventies some time, but she’s still working through the horror of it all–a houseful of people and no matter how long she stalled everyone, the damn bird was still frozen in the middle.

Well, I don’t have 70-odd years of cooking to draw from, but tonight’s dinner was kind of a turkey for me. Apparently I was not able to adequately discern the proper slow cooker setting for galumpki cooking. (You’d think they’d just have a dial you turn towards “Galumpki.”) I lugged that damn huge hot and awkward (oh, and heavy) crock pot to Ellen’s, only for her to cut into one to reveal soft red meat. But here’s the thing. We love these little cabbage rolls so damn much, she and Maia each ate their way through one as we discussed the situation and came to grips with the fact that they were in fact raw.

Then there was some experimentation with the microwave to see if we could speedily finish the work that the slow cooker failed to do. But even after several blasts the meat was still freakishly red. I insisted they stop. It was just too painful for me.

I must have had it on the Warm setting all day instead of Cook. Or perhaps it was the Sicken Your Family with Raw Meat setting. At any rate, this only validates my hunch that having a functional legible digital screen which indicates what the hell is happening inside that pot all day is really quite necessary.

Ellen helpfully offered up that she had ravioli she could cook. Alas, not for me, Non Dairy Queen that I am. So everyone else ate that and I had some pot stickers. And finally some delicious strawberry rhubarb pie made by young urban derelicts at Mission Pie.

It’s nearly 9PM and we’re back home where for some reason I’m giving the crock pot a second chance and have it back on. This time at what I guess is a different setting.

I hang my head in shame.

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  1. 1 Leslie Molson said at 5:09 am on June 7th, 2008:

    Kristen… wow you are my hero and congratulations!

    Do keep in touch,

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