Rollin’ Laverne & Shirley Style

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I have an older aunt and uncle who share a bedroom but have separate twin beds. It’s what I like to call the Laverne and Shirley bedroom configuration.

I’ve always thought that it’s so crazy when couples do that. I mean, how can you expect to get a decent night’s sleep in a twin bed?

Last night after an epic bout of wretched coughing Mark removed himself from our room to sleep on the couch. Even The World’s Heaviest Sleeper, for which I hold the title, can’t sleep through all that irregular loud hacking.

Sure I felt bad that he was collegiately couch-sleepin’, but my time alone in the bed was glorious. I tossed and turned to my heart’s content. I slept at an indulgent diagonal across the bad. And I selfishly gathered the whole duvet around my body like a huge fluffy cocoon. Aside from wishing he was in the same room so I could have the drowsy contentment of knowing my spouse was nearby, it was bliss.

Clearly the ideal bed configuration is two beds in the same room, but–duh!–queen beds. And to be clear, I’m no prude. There would be times when it would be appropriate for Mark to come to over to my bed or for me to go to his. Everyone likes a little snuggling sometimes.

Of course, this set-up doesn’t account for the disturbance of middle-of-the-night coughs, snoring, and nose-blowing. But I guess that’s what the couch is for.

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