The Smoke has Cleared

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It’s July 5th. For me it’s like December 26th
is for many other people. The day after all the hoopla, and when you need
to start counting down until it happens again next year.

It’s noon but we’ve already done a hearty round of visiting,
and all around town it’s the same. It’s like every Bristolian has an over
abundance of home-grown tomatoes and zucchini–but in this case it’s desserts
from their Forta July celebrations. Everywhere you go people are either foisting
off or fending off cookies, brownies and red-white-and-blue cakes. What’s that
joke about having to lock your car doors or else someone will load it up with
stuff for you?

Anyway, what ends up happening is everyone ends up with the
same amount of leftovers to eat their way through. It’s just that some of it
wasn’t yours to start with.

So of course, we decided to order out sandwiches from Leo’s
for lunch. The over-stuffed refrigerator be damned.

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One Comment on “The Smoke has Cleared”

  1. 1 Nell said at 5:28 pm on July 8th, 2008:

    Yep, as a matter of fact we still have half of Lori’s red white & blue birthday cake in the freezer!! (thanks to Costco) The vanilla cheesecake mousse filling is quite tempting but I’ve stayed out of it so far…

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