Truer Words Never Spoken

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It was only a few years ago when hearing my nasally voice on my answering machine was the most cringe-worthy reflection I had of myself.

These days I have it much worse. A couple weeks ago we were hanging out barbequing with another family. Kate took their son’s play phone, cradled it between her shoulder and ear and walked around the yard saying, “Hi. Yeah, this isn’t a great time for me right now. Can I call you back?” And just to make sure everyone heard her, she repeated the exact same ‘conversation’ several times.

Needless to say my faux-innocent “Where does she come up with these things?” remark wasn’t terribly convincing.

Mark got a taste of this about a year ago when Kate wasn’t nearly as verbal as she is today. We were in the car and he slammed on the breaks and leaned on his horn, prompting Kate to lament from her carseat, “Come on, dude!”

Of course, Mark experiences the cute and funny version of what Little Big Ears can shoot back atcha. And it’s testament to the fact that as a parent he’s at least succeeded in cleaning up his language, even under driving duress.

I’m the one who endures the shame of overhearing Kate say to a doll she’s loading her in a stroller, “We have got to get out of here. We have got to get out the door!”‘

At least I’m not alone. At dinner last night another Mama friend told me her 3-year-old goes up to her one-year-old, leans into her face and asks, “Do you understand me? Do you understand me?!”

God it’s brutal having to hear yourself like that.

Why is it so many people are afraid of sounding like their mothers? Take it from me, it’s far worse sounding like yourself.

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