Love, Italian Style

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Greetings from Bristol, Rhode Island.

Today I visited my 94-year-old Godmother, Mimi, and her 90-year-old sister, Mary. Both women are more spry than I could ever hope to be when (and if) I live to be even 20 years younger than they are.

Here’s part of our conversation. Pardon the phonetic Italian.

Mimi: [pinching Paigey's cheeks] “Coo-mah zee bell! Coom-oh cool la dee-ahl!”

Me: “Wait, what does that mean?”

Mimi: “Well, you know ‘Coo-mah zee bell…‘”

Me: “Right. [That's 'How pretty you are.'] But what was that last part?”

Mimi: [Pretends to not hear me and starts playing with Paige.]

Me: [Turning to Aunt Mary] “What was that other thing she said? After ‘Coo-mah zee bell?‘”

Aunt Mary: “Well, uh, it’s a kind of funny thing to say. Literally it means ‘like the backside of a frying pan.’”

Me: “Oh my God. I have got to write that down. Okay, Mimi, so say it to me again so I can get it.” 

Mimi: [slowly] “Coooo-mahhh zeeee bell. Coooom-oh cool–

Aunt Mary: “Oh, and ‘cool‘ literally means, well, bottom. You know…ass!”

Me: “Okay, so what she is saying is, ‘How pretty she is, like the ass end of a frying pan?’”

Aunt Mary and Mimi: [in unison, looking at each other] “Well, yeah. That’s about right.”

Brilliant. I can’t think of two people I love more paying my sweet baby Paige a better compliment. 

It’s truly wonderful to be home.

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