Please Pardon Any Inconvenience While We Remodel

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Some of my esteemed readers in Florida have gotten word to me that the former (and short-lived) new look of This Here Blog appeared to not be working on PCs. Or at least their PCs.

A technical glitch for which I am truly sorry.

If it weren’t for the fact that my volunteer IT Support Team does double duty as my adorable husband, I might imply that heads would roll as a result of the mishap. But really, it was an honest oversight. So instead I’ll just promise that we’ll (okay, he’ll) endeavor to get that old new look bug-free as soon as he wraps up his real-world paying gig for the day.

Oh, and now that I’m back home in good old Oak-Town USA, I reckon I’ll get back to posting regularly again.


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One Comment on “Please Pardon Any Inconvenience While We Remodel”

  1. 1 Mary said at 12:41 pm on February 19th, 2009:

    I take it back. The red is a better color.

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