Bad Witness

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When I picked Kate up from preschool yesterday, here’s the conversation we had:

Me: “How was school today?”

Kate: [silent]

Me: “It’s bad manners to not respond when someone asks you something, you know.”

Kate: “It was good.”

Me: “What did you do?”

Kate: “We did a lot a lot a lot of things.”

Me: “Did you play outside?”

Kate: “Yes.”

Me: “You did? I’m surprised since it’s raining so hard. You really played outside today?”

Kate: “No! Yes… No!”

Me: “What is it? Did you play outside?”

Kate: “No. Yes! Yes!”

Me: “Who did you play with today?”

Kate: “No one. I played by myself.”

Me: “Why?”

Kate: “I wanted to.”

Me: “Oh, that’s good. It’s nice to play alone sometimes.”

Kate: “I’m mad at everyone.”

Me: “Why?”

Kate: “I had a rough day.”

Me: “You did? I’m sorry to hear that. Who said that?”

Kate: [whispering] “Me.”

Me: “Why did you have a rough day?”

Kate: [still whispering] “Everybody ate me.”

Me: “Oh.”

Kate: [still whispering] “And then Batman came.”

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One Comment on “Bad Witness”

  1. 1 Mary said at 5:05 pm on March 4th, 2009:

    That is awesome. And so true. I love the response about rain -I think Will and I did that several times this week. No, yes, I mean no. (aka, give me some space, woman.)

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