Yo, William Safire

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Magazine obsessives that we are, even Paigey subscribes to something. And the mags, like all of Paige’s possessions, Kate immediately requisitions for her own amusement, until she eventually loses interest. Then the moment Paige so much as glances in the direction of whichever discarded item, Kate reclaims it, dragging it back to her bedroom lair, where Paige will be lucky to ever lay eyes on the thing again.

Some day we’re hoping that Paige will have her own toy.

So last night I was putting Kate to sleep and reading her Paige’s newly-arrived magazine, a publication that’s geared towards giblets far younger that Little Miss Precocious. Despite that, as Paige’s property it was being processed by Kate, and was still being held for inspection and assessment.

The last page had a picture of a gorilla on it.

“G is for…” I said, leaving her to fill in the blank. Lately, she’s been super curious about letters and words and such.

Looking up out of the corner of her eyes she said slowly, “Geeeee is foooooor… Gelephant!”

Well, yes Kate. Oddly enough, I guess that’s true.

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