He Wears It Well

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The other day Kate took her Golden Retriever stuffed animal on a walk with us.

His name is Clifford, or as Kate says it, cliff-AWD. He was wearing Paige’s Kelly green cardigan with the zebra on it, and red socks on his hind paws. And despite his evident canine attributes, Clifford was, on that day, not at all a dog, but a baby. Kate’s baby.

Me: “How old is your baby?”

Kate: “Seven months, yeah.” (‘Yeah’ is what Kate tacks onto the end of sentences when she’s trying to act all casual and adult-like.)

Me: “Oh, and how much does he weigh?”

Kate: “50 pounds.”

Me: “Wow. And how tall is he?”

Kate: “He’s, well… one inch. Or about as tall as a flower. No! A leaf.”

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