Separated at Birth?

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I came across this old pic of Paigey the other day.


So wee. So somber. So freakin’ bald!

If you don’t recognize the cartoon character on the right, I’m so deeply jealous. The little dude’s name is Caillou (pronounced KAI-oooh), and at age four I’ve got no idea why he waxes his head. I mean, I’m assuming he’s working for that look.

Anyway, Kate LOVES Caillou, and even though I’d prefer that she practices her Latin or square roots, I love having occasional down-time from Mamahood. (I mean, I’m mortal and all.) So I sometimes let her watch it.

What’s tortuous about the show is the narrator, who I assume is Caillous’s grandmother. She has this weak creaky voice that jangles my nerves and causes my ears to bleed. It really could be used to snuff terrorists out of underground bunkers. (U.S. Armed Forces take note.)

So really, I’m not even sure what the show’s about, since after I turn it on I have to run from the room with my fingers stuffed in my ears saying, “LA LA LA LA” until I’m a safe distance away. For all I know it’s about sex positions or how to build bombs.

But hey, it gives me 30 minutes of free time.

For the record, these days Paigey’s not likely to be confused with Caillou. (And her grandmothers have perfectly lovely voices, thankyouverymuch.) Right now Paige is ALL ABOUT the hair. I mean, she personally doesn’t think much about it, but everyone else seems to.

When we walk down the street cars screech to a halt to call out, “Would ya look at the blond curls on that one!” Grannies in the grocery store paw at her head. And gay men discreetly ask me what products she uses.


I imagine it’s what it’s like hanging out with Diana Ross, Crystal Gayle, or Don King. I’m fine with Paige’s hair getting all the attention. I’ve gotten quite used to it, in fact.

But it was cool stumbling across that old chrome dome shot, if only to remember the sweet little scalp that lies beneath it all.

If Paige ever starts getting wise to her good looks, I think I’ll keep that picture handy. There’s nothing like getting back to your roots to keep you humble.

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One Comment on “Separated at Birth?”

  1. 1 Sacha said at 3:47 pm on August 9th, 2010:

    All I can say is classic. I have the exact same emotions when Caillou comes on. As you know, my children are just as obsessed. Have you ever wondered why Caillou is completely bald, yet his younger sister has a mass of hair!! I find Caillou’s voice even more grating then his grandmother’s! Wow I have some anger issues over this cartoon!!! At least it is better than Barney!!

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