You Won’t Find Me Here Today

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I first learned about Katrina from an email. I was freelancing at the design agency where she used to work, and an all-office spam went out praising her brilliance and linking to a story she’d written for The Huffington Post.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I read blogs on company time (ahem—where are YOU right now?). But that day it seemed like a team player thing to do.

And man, was I happy I did. The story was intense. And smart. And incredibly thought provoking.

It recounted the nervous breakdown Katrina had as a working mother in a high-profile job. And it raised some serious questions about the sorry state of working motherhood in America.

After that, whenever anyone at the agency mentioned Katrina my ears perked up.

Then I met her at a kiddie Christmas party where our girls were gluing fistfuls of glitter onto styrofoam balls and speedballing on sugar cookies. And we stood in the kitchen for an hour talking like old college roommates. For all that she’s immensely smart, she’s also wonderfully real.

My mother would say, “She’s good people.” (Actually, my mother never used that expression, but I think it’s apt and I didn’t want to be responsible for saying it myself.)

Katrina writes an excellent blog called Working Moms Break. It seems silly to send you there today since you’ll find a guest post by me. But after you read that, you can read all of HER wonderful posts, and start following her interesting important work on working mothers. Some day when she writes a best-selling book I’ll be able to say, “I knew you when our kids snorted glitter together.”

Oh, and my post there is called Mommy See, Mommy Do. It’s about some recent developments in my work life, and my motherhood.

I hope you love it.


3 Comments on “You Won’t Find Me Here Today”

  1. 1 Karen Eggers said at 8:11 am on May 24th, 2012:

    Loved the post…sorry the podcast did not work out. Would love more info about the software you used.

    Remember when a door closes, somewhere a window opens…use that open window to chuck the bodies of the people who ticked you off….

  2. 2 kristen from motherload said at 12:46 pm on May 25th, 2012:

    Hey Karen:

    Thanks! And it’s okay about the podcast because I know how to do that now–so that part wasn’t taken away from me, you know?

    In terms of the software I used–I am on a Mac, and I used Skype to do the podcast interview and recorded it with something called Call Record. And then I edited it in Garage Band, which my geek/musician husband already had.

    It was all actually pretty easy to manage–until it got to getting it onto iTunes–which is where my husband once again came in with his IT superhero cape and helped out with.

    As for your window tip–definitely good to keep in mind! :)

  3. 3 Megan Bibbo said at 9:17 am on May 30th, 2012:

    I loved it! Great post. Eloquent depiction of The Motherhood Conundrum. Brought tears to my eyes and made me love you all the more for putting yourself out there in the world while keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. Your children are amazing human beings. I see so much of you and your creativity, hospitality, and intelligence in Kate. I know that you are not only fulfilling, but rather excelling in your parental duties. And I think your writing speaks for itself. Well done, on all fronts, Bruno.

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